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The new TUGBOAT PRO has a number of advantages over the Trailer-Tug trailer dolly and no disadvantages! The TUGBOAT PRO is better because:

   1.) The TUGBOAT PRO easily positions the trailers receiver directly over the ball of the hitch, unlike the Trailer-Tug or 2-wheel trailer dollies. 

   2.) The 2-wheel dolly requires bending up and down to engage and disengage the coupler of the trailer (and still leaves you short of the hitch). This is very clumsy. By comparison, the TUGBOAT PRO is streamlined, hooking up quickly and directly - no bending or kneeling - making hooks up fast and easy.

      3.) The TUGBOAT PRO is more maneuverable that the Trailer-Tug or 2-wheel dolly - better for positioning the trailer.

   4.) The torque generated with the TUGBOAT PRO is compariable. 

   5.) The TUGBOAT PRO is easily stowed making it much more portable.

   6.) Tires have to be replaced on 2-wheel trailer dollies - Not so with the TUGBOAT PRO.

   7.) 2-Wheel trailer dollies - unlike TUGBOAT PRO have no sense of humor.  

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Tugboat Pro vs. Trailer Dolly: Features
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